Gymnastics Rocks

Inspiration, dedication, determination, enthusiasm . . . unmistakable characteristics of the wonderful gymnastic competitors we worked with at the recent regional gymnastic competition we sponsored. At J C Trophies they are words that reflect our passion for what we do as well.

As parents of twin daughters who are both keen gymnasts, we've been motivated by the passion and determination of the sport, which has inspired us to create high quality products to award all the gymnasts who train and work so hard for their achievements.

As a company, we've been creating unique trophies and medals since 1972. Our in house design team have created a beautiful range of gymnastic awards all made with an extra measure of shine and sparkle! We've already worked with several regional gymnastics competitions to supply them with the perfect memento for the amazing achievements of their gymnasts.


There's a great future ahead for British gymnastics, with a 13% increase in participation in 2016 alone, that's 28,000 more participants! We're excited to be part of this growth as we look to be the recognised supplier of gymnastic awards for the UK.

If you've got a competition coming up soon and want to award your gymnasts with something extra special then visit our on-line shop today to view our great range of gymnastic trophies and medals.