What makes a great Boxing Trophy?

Here at J.C.Trophies, we are massive fans of boxing.  Spirit, grit & determination makes this sport an irresistible watch.   Boxing in is on the up in the UK with well over 1,000 clubs throughout GB.


We've had a few famous faces come & go through our factory doors to take their pick of our amazing boxing awards.  However, equally as rewarding is the fact we cater for many grass route clubs, where we support the growing talent in GB.  Amateur boxing is extremely well catered for in the UK and we are avid supporters of the work undertaken by England Boxing to reward the future talent in the UK with standout awards.


These days, boxing shows are becoming real ‘events’, offering a great night out for fans; this has all added to the sport’s glamour and popularity.  So, just as the fighters in this country are getting better and better, and the shows are getting bigger & bigger here at J.C.Trophies we are raising the bar with an amazing range of boxing trophies, boxing medals and boxing title belts.

We have developed an exciting range of heavy boxing medals, with sculpted artwork, it seems fitting that the sweat and hard work should be rewarded with a high quality, heavy medal.



The ultimate accolade has to be the boxing championship belt, we’ve worked tirelessly over the last 5 years to develop an unrivaled range of boxing belts to cater for the UK and Worldwide clubs.  What boxer doesn’t want to take home a belt?


 Take a look through our range of boxing medals, boxing trophies and boxing belts to get inspired for your club or event.